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Rest easy mamba family

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    This is a very personal look into Kobe’s mindset and how he approaches basketball and life, from present to past, interspersed with footage of his rehab from his Achilles injury.  The whole film is from Kobe’s perspective, as he is the only one interviewed. The director Gotham Chopra (a Celtics fan!) also directed “The Little Master” and “I Am Giant” for ESPN’s 30 for 30, so if you like those, you will like this documentary.

    As a lifelong Warriors fan, I hated when Kobe played against my team but always respected his drive and competitive spirit.  I’ll never forget watching Kobe shoot those 2 free throws after rupturing his Achilles tendon.

    Some quotes that stood out to me while watching this:
    -“When the game itself is more significant than the injury, you don’t feel in the injury.”
    -“You can’t possibly become better than me because you’re not spending the time on it that I do.  Even if you wanna spend the time on it you can’t, because you have other things, you have other responsibilities that are taking you away from it.  So I already won.”
    -“We all can be masters at our craft.  We just have to make a choice.” Grab some t-shirts here.


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