Tenkara USA’s tenkara- the book by Daniel Galhardo

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    In tenkara-the book, Tenkara USA founder Daniel Galhardo shows just how simple fly-fishing can be. This book is a complete guide to the techniques, gear, history and philosophy of tenkara, the Japanese method of fly-fishing. It is also a manifesto on fly-fishing simplicity. An angler picking up a tenkara rod for the first time will find this book’s concepts well laid out and intuitive. The experienced angler will appreciate the simpler approach to fly-fishing and the advanced techniques shared in the book. Throughout the book Daniel brings the reader along a journey of learning tenkara directly from the masters in Japan as he shares information on the method’s equipment and techniques. tenkara – the book was designed to be interactive and take advantage of all the resources we have created over the years. Thorough the book readers will find QR (quick read) codes that will give access to the videos, podcast episodes and other complementary information to the chapters at hand. The best way to keep fly-fishing simple is to learn how to rely more on technique rather than gear. This book contains that knowledge. Designed and illustrated by Jeremy Shellhorn.

    Features Include:

    • https://amzn.to/2vXh1os A complete guide to the techniques, gear, history and philosophy of tenkara, the Japanese method of fly-fishing.
    • Detailed images showcase various methods for effective tenkara fishing.
    • Learn how to tie tenkara flies step-by-step!
    • QR Codes on certain pages allow you to instantly watch demonstration videos on your mobile device.
    • Paperback: 216 Pages

    Tenkara Fly Fishing: Insights & Strategies

    Before you buy, please check out the free preview feature for both the print and ebook editions and make your purchase decision in confidence from there…I’m sure you’ll find this book full of excellent insights and strategies on tenkara fly fishing.

    Learn tenkara fly fishing from the insights and experiences of some of America’s best tenkara anglers

    One of the things I first noticed when I began getting into tenkara was the lack of written material available outside of some very good blogs from ex-perienced tenkara anglers, many of whom participated in this project. Very little Japanese literature has been translated into English. There are still many Western-style fly anglers who still don’t know or hadn’t heard of tenkara. Now that I have experienced tenkara for myself, it’s hard for me to imagine other anglers missing out on an opportunity to add another dimension to their fishing pleasure.

    Searching around, I did find a small cadre of anglers who had discovered tenkara and were now on the path to serious dedication and understanding. More importantly, these guys were catching trout and lots of them in waters all around the United States. How could something this good be known to so few? We had to find ways to get the word out on tenkara as a method of fly-fishing here in the States. It seemed to me that the best way to do that was to find some of the best tenkara anglers in the U.S. and work with them to share their insights, strategies and tactics for tenkara. That’s just what I did in producing this book.

    You the reader have the opportunity to consider a wider range of views on tenkara, from the purist tenkara angler to what I call the “adaptive tenkara angler.” There’s room for everyone in the tenkara world. You can discern what appeals to you as you work your way through each chapter.

    I think you’ll enjoy the wit and often-sharp opinions that our group of tenkara anglers has openly shared. I know I have as I’ve worked through their interviews and constructed the manuscript for this book project.

    What You’ll Learn In This Book:

    History of tenkara – What makes tenkara special – Selecting a tenkara rod – Tenkara fly lines – Best tippet options – Traditional tenkara flies – Matching the hatch vs. tenkara – Manipulating the fly – Non-traditional tenkara flies – Tying Traditional Kebari & Adaptation Patterns – Casting techniques – Fishing riffles, pools, eddies & pocket water with tenkara – Fishing small waters – Strategies for fishing larger waters – Fighting fish on a tenkara rod

    …And Much More!

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