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The Best Picture Is The One You Painted

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    Try to look beyond what successful people are talking about and focus instead of what they’re DOING with their time. For example, if someone is telling you that crypto is the best new way to make money online, and they’re selling a course on it, they’re spending their time selling digital courses not selling crypto, because it’s infinitely less risky and has ridiculous margins and ceiling for scale. Emulate success until you have it with an unstoppable laser focus on what successful entrepreneurs DO with their time, not what they say.

    3. Understanding the motivation behind why people and companies say and do what they do is incredibly important to making the best data driven decisions. Making a few large decisions correctly will completely change your life, and the unfortunate truth is that people often times have selfish incentives for doing and saying things. If you habituate understanding WHY people are saying and doing things, then you’ll be capable of making more rational, logical decisions, and drastically increase the likelihood of those decisions being correct.

    4. Recognize Shiny Object Syndrome as a toxic addiction and learn to identify and silence it. There will always be some person telling you LinkedIn, Snapchat, or TikTok is the next big thing, and they’re making a million dollars a day with it. They’re not. Focus makes millionaires, and focus is two-fold. You have to focus on what you should do, and also focus on what you should not do, then stay accountable to yourself on your priorities. Organic traffic wise YouTube is king, then Facebook groups, then instagram, then everything else, and for paid traffic start with retargeting its a no brainer on Facebook and YouTube, for cold paid scaling, focus on YouTube In-stream and Facebook conversion ads optimizing for leads or conversions whichever you have more pixel events for, create LLA’s and iterate, those who can spend the most on ads win, that’s why I’ve built a lean company with hardly any overhead so I can spend the most on ads and driving the most traffic into my automated machines.

    5. Habits are what differentiate wildly successful people. What is the difference between a billionaire and homeless person in most cases? Habits. Habits start with ONE day, so only focus on TODAY. Only make small changes one at a time. You can’t go cold turkey on all social media in an instant, or completely change your diet, or become a body builder overnight or learn to meditate in a day. It takes time, so stick with it. Small changes add up over time. My most important habits are consistent content release schedules, and a relentless focus on automation and the ‘low hanging fruit’ which we will discuss later, meditation, exercise and my morning routine also have the largest positive affect on my life.

    6. Understand Feedback Cycles: Belief > Actions > Results > Re-Affirmate Belief = invincible feedback cycle. If I could go back in time and tell myself ONE thing 2 years ago before I began, I would say, “Start immediately, there’s always a million reasons not to, and then once you do start, never ever fucking stop. You ‘made it’ because, no matter what anyone ever said to you, you ignored it. I don’t care if your parents, your friends, your wife/husband, your co-workers, your teachers, or ANYONE tells you to get a normal job and to play it safe. Respectfully ignore it, respectfully burn the bridges, and go all in on yourself – you will be successful. It’s not a question of ‘if’; it’s just a matter of time and focus. It doesn’t matter how high you climb the ladder if it’s leaned against the wrong building. Don’t waste your time making someone else rich. You get good at what YOU DO and time is the universal constant, and it passes whether you’re building your empire or someone else’s, so get to work.”

    7. Think for yourself. I didn’t have any traditional mentors, so I built my business my own way, and I didn’t learn any bad habits. Go against the grain, I didn’t work so hard to leave the 9-5 and my cubicle just to go get a big office building again myself, only this time with 100x more responsibility since I’m now running the company. Build a virtual empire, and hire internationally. Some of my smartest co-workers (I try to never refer to anyone as an employee – we are all equals) work with me internationally. I’ve found international folks that are willing to grind sixteen hour days with me when necessary, are almost always significantly less entitled, and are of the utmost quality and value. And not having a big expensive office and employees allows you to spend more on paid traffic and he who spends the most to acquire a customer wins. Without your team and culture you create, you’re nothing. Start a catchphrase and live it everyday #TeamNoExcuses.

    8. Understand and relentlessly pursue the ‘low hanging fruit’. You can spend your time in a million different ways, some of which add more automation to your life and some of which add less. Often times, additional employees and people are what introduce additional work and stress into your life. You can focus on scaling paid traffic, or you can hire more staff. Often times, both produce the same results (more money), but one requires infinitely less time and energy for the same additional gain. When you decide what to focus your time on, always choose what furthers automation. At the end of the day, whether you’re making 10M a year or 50M a year, I promise you that you’ll be more happy with 10M if you have what’s more important than financial freedom: time freedom. The only difference between a liquid multi-millionaire and a billionaire is a private jet and a yacht. Think long and hard if you want those 2 things. If you do – you need to dedicate your ENTIRE life and every single decision for your whole life to reaching that point. If you’re like me and don’t need to be a billionaire, be happy and grateful for what you do have, and create time freedom (the most important thing of all).


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