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    Hello these two millionaires who came up off of forex trading, they have started their own company now called tradera basically they are giving back as letting average people own their own ibo 1099 tax paying business yes we are paying uncle sam, there are 77,000 people in the business all earning profits of no less than $500 thru $100,000 every month yes every month, so i saw how eager you was about money, so i have found andrew, i can get you on the phone with my top associate to go over any important question you have or we have zoom meeting everyday 6pm everyday the business come with over 400 tax credits the is $99. To make $500 thru $100,000 every month you look like a man who will achieve that $100,000 that why i need you on the team im making $500 a month so far i get $125 every sunday all we do is teach people how to use our forex trade platform. Three ways to profit in the in your business, over 400 tax credits for having your own ibo, you get trades from the 2 millionaires from there personal trade alerts, then the more people you bring in the more money you get every week and month they will pay you up to $100,000 every month there is like 20 out of 77,000 making $100,000 every month let go baby, do want call from my associate or you coming to the zoom tuesday its up to you


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